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NFT organises  two events namely ‘Naman Sandhya’ - An evening of prayerful music and  ‘Bhavana’ - A prayerful evening of musical feelings in meditation.  In addition to this workshops and lecture demonstrations are conducted from time to time.

”Naman" means a "prayer" and "sandhya" means an "evening". Read together, "Naman Sandhya" refers to a "prayerful evening". To achieve this object, we aim at making the divinity in music our inner expression. An effort is made to experience the inner divinity in music by observation of the self in silence through music. In order to experience the serenity and sanctity of music and to attain the above objects, various eminent artists have been requested to present "Raag Yaman" this evening. This is an attempt to pursue music as a meditative experience and not as a mere entertainment.

"Bhavana" means a feeling - a feeling within oneself. In Buddhism, Bhavana is a concept of mental development. It is of utmost importance, because without Bhavana one cannot discipline or develop one's mind.  Buddha taught in the Dhammapada, "Mind is the forerunner of all mental states; mind is their chief and they are mind-made".' Bhavana is a way to make one concentrate, contemplate or meditate for one's mental development. It initiates the process of the growth of one's mind by means of concentration and wisdom.

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