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Vibrant Moods  

VIBRANT MOODS is the creation of Sri. K. S. Rajesh – Composed, Conducted and Produced by him.   Rajeshji’s first ever album Vibrant Moods was released by his Guruji Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia on the 4th September 2004 during the “Naman Sandhya 2004” celebrations.
The inspired and exquisitely designed compositions in this album paint pictures of Vibrant Moods through which the mind can settle into Silence, focus feeling into Bhakti, wake up to the Harmony in Peace, experience the blissfulness of Nirvana through Dhyana, captured in the Beyondness of all that is held dear, and spiral upwards towards true Ecstasy.

Composer speaks his heart:

I have always wondered about Divinity in creation, which involves the concept of life in this world. It is extremely difficult to interpret life, which revolves around birth and death. These are the two principle realities of existence given to us by Mother Nature. Whether one likes it or not having taken birth - one has to live and having lived - one has to die. Sanatana Dharma has always reminded us that rebirth is a reality in existence and all our actions both past and present decide the future. I have always felt that we live the present life as a result of past actions and our actions in the present life go to determine our future. Various moods in our life cycle go on to become vibrant with each and every breath taken to exist and the hidden music and rhythm within the Self supports us to achieve the right balance between mind and consciousness.
Music has always been a part of nature. It is a universal sound, which can create emotions and express feelings. Music also soothes the mind. It has always expressed human feelings, moods, and emotions both by way of human voice and musical instruments. The primordial sound of Om reflects Nad, which is the basic sound of creation and is ever resonant in existence. It is considered as being one with the rhythms of the universe. It is believed to be the purest sound with a musical approach and just the chanting of Om can have a magical effect both on the body and mind through its vibration in the cosmos. This album aims at making music a meditative experience by creeping into the depths of our souls and touching us in profound ways. It looks at using music value as an outlet for our creative energies of expression. Music as an expression of intense feelings supersedes verbal expression.

The album “Vibrant Moods” is a result of my spiritual exercise in the course of a deep Sadhana in music, which has given me an inner experience of music in silence to experience the inner silence in music. What is beyond this experience is difficult to understand and for this I feel we could get into a celestial musical journey through Divine melodies, which would take us into a Valley in Silence. We get in there in a mood of Bhakti and Wake-up to the call of Nirvana and settle in Dhyana moving towards the Beyondness of our life cycle in Ecstasy. This journey of music adds meaning to Devotion and Meditation in ones life and also gives us an experience of the subtle changes in the various moods of each composition, and goes on to reflect this basic character of Mother Nature in its different colours.